Dr. Deby Cassill: We Can Analyze Your Data

Dr. Deby Cassill

Dr. Deby Cassill

Dr. Deby Cassill, associate professor of Biology at USFSP, has been using JMP software since her post-doc days at The University of Arizona, circa 1999. She was introduced to the program by a grad student who promised that it was intuitive and easy to use. He was right; it took Cassill five minutes to be up and running analysis on complex data sets, and she was sold.

JMP is statistical data discovery and analysis software that was established in the market about 25 years ago. It was created by SAS to allow scientists and engineers to explore their data visually.

Over the years, Cassill has used the program in her classes at USFSP and in collaborative community partnerships, including those with the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute, and the USF College of Marine Science.

“The real story here is that Dr. Cassill is integrating very powerful data analytic software in the classroom that can easily be adapted to support our growing community partnerships,” said Dr. Frank Biafora, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.

In line with USFSP’s strategic planning goals around building partnerships, Cassill hopes to build new collaborative partnerships with organizations in the medical and dental fields, as well as non-scientific organizations that have data to organize and analyze. The data does not need to be scientific in nature, she explains. Students in her Research Methods class, for example, are currently analyzing and comparing basketball data from NBA.com.

“Students are amazed at how easy JMP is for analyzing data and producing graphs,” Cassill said. “Because JMP does both, students are able to comprehend the analysis process with less confusion and anxiety, and greater comprehension than they experienced from other statistical software.”

Cassill hopes to involve her students in projects with the community. “With our push for STEM skills, we could offer our students’ analytical skills to more community members, especially start-up businesses and health-care providers,” said Cassill.

Contact Dr.Cassill regarding community partnership opportunities at cassill@usfsp.edu.