Students, Faculty Pause for Veterans

A moment of silence at USFSP

A moment of silence at USFSP

In honor of Veterans Day, USFSP hosted a ceremony on Monday, calling for a moment of silence while bugles were played at 11:11 a.m. Students and faculty paid tribute to all those who have served, including those who are now students.

“Let’s work together to show our veterans they are not alone,” urged Jared S. Alberico, president of the Student Veterans Organization (SVO), in an email to faculty and staff.

Most college campuses have an office for student veterans to turn to for support. USFSP’s SVO is new, having been established this fall. Alberico says the need is great, with hundreds of students who are transitioning from combat life to campus life – which can be overwhelming.

Alberico and fellow veteran Clarence Ford were instrumental in getting the SVO up and running, but it’s still in its infancy. Now they say they’ll need some help to market it, find a home where veterans can go for help, and student and faculty volunteers to make it all possible.

“I’ve already been helped by fellow Veterans with information about education tools that I wouldn’t have known without them. When someone needs someone to talk to and lean on, we are here for them,” said Alberico.

For more information about Veterans Services and SVO, visit and Ten Things You Should Know About Today’s Student Veteran