Blue Ocean and USFSP Welcome Sir Robert Swan

Sir Robert Swan, polar explorer and motivational speaker

Sir Robert Swan, polar explorer and motivational speaker

As part of the Blue Ocean Film Festival, Sir Robert Swan presented to a class of USFSP Geography students. Swan was the first man in history to walk 900 miles to the South Pole and 700 miles to the North Pole — and today, is one of the world’s leading advocates for the preservation of Antarctica.

“Climate change is definite. Science has told us this,” said Swan. “Most people insure their cars, their homes. We need to insure our planet.”

“Sir Robert Swan’s ‘chat’ with Dr. Meindl’s class was perhaps the most inspiring 45 minutes of my life,” said Dr. Frank Biafora, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. “His stories of leadership and courage and of surviving the elements on two polar expeditions left the audience breathless and in awe, with each of us to ponder what we are doing in our own lives to make a positive difference in the world.”

For more information about Swan and his work, visit www.