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GIS, or Geographic Information Systems, represents computer software, data, and solutions that are used by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide in government, education, and business.  The backbone of Google Earth and MapQuest (which I am sure you and your faculty as well as students are familiar with) utilizes GIS. This is an emerging field in Information technology that is being used every day to make our lives better, but very few of us know about it. The goal of GIS Day is to help educate high school students as well as the public at large on the applications of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Global Positioning System (GPS) and computer-aided mapping.  This is one of the fastest growing fields that will need trained professionals. Please visit this link to get an idea of the job market & salary range for GIS professionals: and

Salary range for GIS jobs can be found at

It will be great to introduce your students to such an exciting field of Information Technologies where we process satellite data, integrate GPS data, and use programming scripts such as visual basic and JAVA.

What is GIS Day?

gis logo 1GIS Day is a global event for thousands of users of GIS technology to educate the public and demonstrate GIS technology at schools and organizations around the world.  The University of South Florida St. Petersburg is pleased to inform you that we will have our own local recognition of this event on our lovely campus from 9:00am to 3:30pm.  We will have presentations, demonstrations, and fun, interactive activities for your students.  Please forward this invitation to your Science, Geography, and/or Information Technology Departments. Encourage your teachers to participate and bring their students to our campus. We will provide GIS curriculum, lesson plans, and software to your teachers so that they can use this exciting technology in their class. I am attaching a simple power point presentation to elaborate on the concept of GIS.

We will also have demonstration of remote sensing technologies (satellite image processing for both visible and hyper-spectral sensors). We will show how remote sensing is being used to map harmful algae blooms, sea-surface temperature, and landuse change. Some information on an introduction to remote sensing is available from the following link:  I believe it will be very interesting to your students who are taking physics.

Various local, state, and federal agencies, as well as businesses, participate in this event to  demonstrate how GIS is used to problem solve and trouble-shoot in such areas as environmental protection, pollution, health care, land use, natural resources, conservation, business efficiency, education and social inequities.  The application even helps the police to map crime activity.

Experience GIS Day

Experience GIS Day

This is a short YouTube video

To learn more about GIS Day and register for all of the exciting events planned, please feel free to visit (the USF St. Petersburg GIS Day website), or

If you have any questions, suggestions, or ideas, please feel free to contact us at 727-873-4807. We are currently scheduling times for individual classes interested in attending, so please contact us to reserve your place today. We look forward to the successful joint-education opportunity and exchange of GIS technology in our schools!

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