The Process

1. Check the calendar and priority dates

2. Complete the FAFSA, submit it by the priority deadline and use School Code 009016 for USFSP

3. Apply for scholarships

4. Understand eligibility, costs and need

5. Plan your college costs 

6. Apply for loans if needed

7. Fulfill all of your financial aid requirements. Financial aid cannot disburse until your financial aid file is complete. Report resources early to avoid late changes to your awards.

Federal regulations prohibit you from:

  • Receiving more financial aid than your cost of attendance
  • Receiving need-based aid that exceeds your calculated financial need

If selected for verification, ensure to follow all instructions and submit information by deadlines.

8. Register for courses

9. Check OASIS frequently and accept your award terms and conditions

10. Receive your refund via e-deposit

11. Attend your classes

Tips and Tricks

Your financial aid award(s) are subject to terms and conditions that impact how much money you may receive. Understanding these is essential in receiving your aid.

USF Does Most Business Electronically

  • We correspond via e-mail…
    • …to notify you of missing requirements
    • …to send your award notification
    • …to keep you updated with announcements
  • We receive application data electronically.
  • We disburse aid electronically.

Your USF e-mail address is essential for the financial aid process at USF.

If you do not currently have a USFSP e-mail address, once you have been accepted to USFSP,  refer to USFSP Campus Computing to activate and use your free USFSP assigned e-mail account. If you need help activating your account, call the Help Desk (727) 873-4357.

Check OASIS frequently for additional requirements that could delay your aid.
It’s to your benefit to regularly (at least weekly at the beginning of each term) check your status and your awards in OASIS. Your awards may be revised if we receive updated information that requires it.

  • Monthly – Throughout the year.
  • Weekly – The week prior to each term through the second week of classes