Community Programs

young female childThe Family Study Center provides varied opportunities to enhance the workforce development efforts of Infant and Family Mental Health practitioners within our community.  Training opportunities are provided through structured workshops, community presentations, and webinars to enhance identified learning themes related to infant mental health, coparenting, early childhood, and family systems.  Trainings are tailored to audience needs and demands and are provided on a range of topics from trauma-informed practice, to clinical interventions to implement with young children and their families.   Special emphasis has been placed on building capacity for clinical interventions for young children by developing clinical expertise within the early childhood therapeutic community to incorporate evidence-based, best practice models of parent-child therapy, and co-parenting interventions.

Midtown Early Care and Education

Climbing a tree A project to support high quality early care and education in pilot centers that serve children ages 6 weeks to 6 years and represent the community’s most under resourced families.

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Baby talk - parents with childThis program provides training for families, childcare providers, and all agencies and field professionals serving higher-risk children.

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Early Childhood Court

Baby court

An initiative focused on improving how the dependency courts, child welfare agency and local community work together to expedite services for young children.

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Do you want to participate in one of our programs or discuss future opportunities for new programs? If so, contact us at 727-873-4848 or submit your information and we will contact you.

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