Everyone’s Education Club (EEC)

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Our Mission:

EEC is dedicated to helping our fellow peers in the College of Education and students interested in education at USFSP become better educators. Members will become more involved with the USFSP campus, become more involved in the community, and become acquainted with fellow students. Members will also gain an understanding of current events and issues happening in education.

Benefits of Joining:

Helpful information and opportunities that could be useful in your future teaching career

  • Get to know students in the College of Education, as well as other USFSP students and faculty
  • Get involved in your community and campus
  • Enhance your college experience
  • Develop social and leadership skills

The main goal of EEC at USF St. Petersburg is to meet the needs of Education students, and those students interested in education.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please attend one of the info sessions during Get on Board Week or contact  Angela Wilson, awilson13@mail.usf.edu

Founding President of Everyone’s Education Club – Angela Wilson

Current Officers:
President Angela Wilson
Vice President Nicole Heckley
Secretary – Victoria Pierce
Treasurer Jozef Gherman

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