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Exceptional Student Education (ESE)

The Master of Arts in Exceptional Student Education (ESE) provides an in-depth view of research, theories, and the application of theory to classroom teaching in Exceptional Student Education.

This unique graduate program offers students a flexible program of study based on an applicant’s previous degree, areas of interest, and experiences in the area of Exceptional Student Education.

The program requires 36 credit hours and will vary depending on the selection of track and/or endorsement areas. Coursework is provided through on-line classes, on campus classes, and a blended model of on-line coursework and in class sessions.

The Master of Arts in Exceptional Student Education offers a selection of tracks and/or endorsements as part of the graduate degree in Exceptional Student Education. These tracks allow the student to specialize in an area of interest and are noted below:

Possible tracks/endorsement areas of study:

  • Reading
  • Math/Science
  • Educational Leadership
  • ESOL (online)
  • Adjunct/Supervision Track in ESE
  •  Severe /Profound (online)
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (online)
  • Gifted (online)
  • Diversity Employability (in the workforce)
  •  Infant Family Mental Health

Coursework leading to Certification in Exceptional Student Education

  • EEX 6612 Management and Motivational Strategies
  • EEX 6931 Child Development
  • EDG 6931  Assessment of Exceptional Children
  • EEX 6248 Instructional Approaches for Exceptional Students
  • EEX 6025 Trends and Issues in Special Education


Applicants must meet University requirements  as well as program requirements listed below.

1) A bachelor’s degree or equivalent from a regionally accredited university
2) A 3.0 grade point average for their upper-level courses of the undergraduate degree or
3) At least a 2.5 grade point average for the four-year undergraduate degree and for the upper-level courses of the undergraduate degree and a passing GRE score :

For a full list of required courses and program information, please visit the Graduate Catalog.

Advisor: Mr. Jesse Strong
Phone: 727-873-4420