Will you be the new educator?

English Education

Are you thinking about attending graduate school, but you’re not quite sure which masters program is right for you?  The M.A. in English Education program at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg may be just what you’re looking for.  Would you like to study English, American, and world literature, English language and grammar, or English and multimedia composition in more depth at the graduate level?  Would you like to learn more about educational theories, research, and teaching methods?  The M.A. in English Education makes it possible for you to extend your learning of English language, literature, and composition, as well as teaching theories and strategies – all in the same program.
 If you are currently in any of the following situations and want to begin graduate studies, the English Education masters program may be right for you.

  1. You are a fully certified middle or high school English teacher and would like to broaden your knowledge of both English content and teaching methodologies.
  2. You have a temporary teaching certificate for English 6-12 and would like to take certification courses at the graduate level.
  3. You have a B.A. in English or a related area, have not taken any education courses, but would like to get a temporary teaching certificate to begin teaching English at the secondary level.
  4. You are a secondary English teacher who would like to take courses to fulfill the Florida Reading Endorsement.
  5. You would like to teach English at the community college level.

The English Education masters program does not lead to Florida teaching certification in secondary English.  However, the plan of study is flexible enough for you to work towards any of the goals listed above. In addition, since you will be taking 6 graduate courses from the English Department, you will meet requirements to teach English at community colleges with this degree.

In order for you to best prepare yourself for your future goals, you must meet with the program advisor to plan a program of study and courses that are appropriate for your situation. If you are considering the Masters in English Education program and have further questions, please feel free to contact the program advisor.