• Certificate in Early Childhood and Family Studies

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  • Certificate in Digitally Enhanced Mathematics

Certificate in Graduate Programs

Graduate Certificate in Digitally-Enhanced Mathematics (MG-DEME)

The five course sequence for this technology-enhanced certificate program comprises a middle grades methods course, a course in content area reading, and three mathematics courses that incorporate the use of interactive, representational technology when teaching algebra, geometry, measurement, and data analysis.

Together these courses are designed to provide teachers with the mathematical, pedagogical, and technological foundation required to prepare middle school students for high school mathematics.
The curricular focus includes both teaching conceptually-based instructional sequences, as well as developing conceptually-based instructional strategies for use in the middle school mathematics classroom.  As a result, each course in the certificate will contain a school-embedded technology project to provide documentation of student learning in each of the big ideas identified by Florida’s Next Generation Sunshine State Standards in mathematics.

In addition, 4 of the 5 courses from this certificate program can be used by teachers to continue their education and obtain an Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) master’s degree. By offering these programs USFSP is taking part in helping to increase the pool of highly trained educators in Pinellas County.

For a full list of required courses and program information, please visit the Graduate Catalog.

Tuition assistance is available thanks to the generous support of Duke Energy.

*For any teacher interested in pursuing a master’s degree program beyond the certificate, 4 of the 5 courses from the certificate program are transferable to the master’s degree with approval of the program advisor.

Advisor: Mr. Jesse Strong