How To Apply

For every USFSP student

To apply for Education Abroad programs at USFSP,  use the link below. Contact the Education Abroad Office at 873-4851 or send an e-mail to if you have any questions or concerns.

Before you apply:

Current USF Students

In order to begin the application process you will need to know your Net ID login and have access to your USF email account. You can verify the operation of both by logging in to

  1. Choose the program you wish to apply to from the Available Programs
  2. Click ‘Apply Now’
  3. When asked if you are a student with activated NetID login credentials, answer ‘Yes’
  4. Login using your USF Net ID and continue the application process as instructed

Completing Your Application

Once you have created the initial program application, you will be logged into the Education Abroad application system and presented with the Program Application Page of the program to which you just applied. The Program Application Page shows all of the requirements for the phases of the application (Pre-Decision, Post-Decision, While Abroad, Returnee).

Carefully read and complete each requirement as instructed. Unless otherwise stated, each requirement is mandatory in order to move on to the next phase of the application.

To return to the application at anytime you can login to the Education Abroad application system by clicking on the NET ID Login link on the top of the Education Abroad website.

Pre-Decision Phase

The pre-decision phase is the first step of your application to the Education Abroad program. Your application will not be considered for review until all requirements of the pre-decision phase have been met, including completion of the course approval form.

It is the student’s responsibility to obtain all of the signatures required for the course approval form. In order to establish eligibility to a program, the student must first meet with, and obtain the signature of, the faculty member listed as program director. (If there are multiple program directors only one signature is required.) The student must then meet, and obtain the signature of, their academic advisor. The academic advisor will be able to let the student know how the course(s) will fit with his/her major. Upon completion, the advisor of the program will be notified. Depending on the decision date of the program, you may be notified of acceptance immediately.

Post-Decision Phase

The post-decision phase comes after your acceptance to the program. When you reach the post-decision phase, you will be presented with new requirements and a commitment button. Carefully read the commitment instructions and commit to the program. You will have 5 days or until the application deadline to commit or your application will be withdrawn. Again, carefully read and submit each requirement as instructed. Failure to complete each requirement will prevent you from being permitted to participate; however, you will still be liable for program costs.

While Abroad Phase

Your application will move to the “while abroad” phase on the start date of your program. Please review any new requirements and complete them as instructed. You may also be presented with a link to submit Side Trip details or Incident Reports. In addition, a journal function may become available for you to record and share your experience abroad.

Return Phase

The returnee phase takes affect after the end date of your program. Please remember to complete the program evaluation. The program evaluation is located in your program application online and is available five (5) days before the last day of the program; the evaluation is no longer available past the final day of the program.

Non-USF Students

Non-USF applicants who wish to participate in an Education Abroad outgoing program must first be accepted as a non-degree seeking student at USF. To apply as a non-degree seeking student, you must read the notes below and then complete the online application through the Office of The Registrar using the link that follows.

  1. For the “Level” and “Intended program of study” questions, you must select “Non-degree” as your student type.
  2. When you are asked to select a campus, select “USF St. Petersburg”.
  3. When you are prompted to select a term, be sure to select the term you wish to go abroad. For example, if you wish to go abroad as a part of a fall program, be sure to select the Fall Term.


Online Application Link

The University of South Florida has a $30 application fee that must be paid prior to acceptance. This fee does not guarantee placement in a Education Abroad program, just non-degree seeking student standing at the University.

After your application has been accepted, you will receive notification via email within 24-48 hours which will include information about how to activate your account. At that point, you will be able to go to and click “Activate your USF NetID” in order to go through the activation process.

After you have activated your NetID, you may return to the Education Abroad website and apply to an Education Abroad outgoing program using the steps listed above for Current USF Students.

Important: You will need to wait until 6am the day after your USF non-degree student standing has been confirmed before you can login to the Education Abroad application system. If you still experience login issues after waiting a day, please contact the Education Abroad Office directly.

For Financial Aid

You may need to submit forms for Financial Aid. These forms will be available from the USFSP Education Abroad Office once you are accepted to the program. For more information go to our Funding Page and schedule an appointment with the Financial Aid Office. Students must be degree-seeking to receive financial aid from USFSP.

Passports and Visas

  • U.S. citizens
    If you do not already have a passport or if your passport will expire within 6 months of your expected foreign travel, you must apply for a passport. Passport Information & ApplicationsCheck with Foreign Entry Requirements to verify if you will need a visa for your destination(s).
  • Non-citizens

Contact your Embassy in the U.S. to verify if a visa is required for your destination(s) abroad. Double check that you will be able to reenter the United States by talking to your foreign student advisor!