How to Develop and Submit A Proposal

All proposals must be submitted online via the USF World system by the USFSP deadlines below.

USFSP Proposal Deadline Dates

Spring Break 2019 (Proposed March 11-17)
Application Deadline (New Programs) – June 1, 2018
Application Deadline (Repeat Programs) – June 1, 2018
Decision Date – Rolling

Summer 2019 (Proposed May 13 – August 9)
Application Deadline (New Programs) – June 1, 2018
Application Deadline (Repeat Programs) – July 1, 2018
Decision Date – Rolling

For Assistance

Contact USFSP Education Abroad at (727) 873-4270 or via e-mail at

Directions for Starting a Proposal

The University of South Florida St. Petersburg Education Abroad Office, in partnership with USFSP academic units and colleges, is here to help faculty develop and coordinate education abroad programs for our students. Education abroad programs offer academic instruction that is either provided by a USFSP faculty member, or within specially-contracted host institutions.

Typically, education abroad programs are offered during the summer. However, programs may be offered during the fall or spring semesters as part of a regular semester long course.

Don’t wait . . . plan ahead!

Developing your proposal takes a significant amount of time and you will need to plan well in advance of the deadline. Detailed information is needed including an itinerary, locations, accommodations, internal transportation, program activities and a completed budget worksheet.

Review of formal program proposals takes place on a rolling cycle during the year. In order to be approved in time for sufficient marketing and program planning, proposals ideally should be submitted one year in advance of the planned program start date. Early submission of proposals is critical due to the complexities of developing any new program. Program publicity and student planning, including student access to financial aid, are adversely affected by late program approvals. In addition, because of the limited number of staff resources within the Education Abroad office, we cannot approve an unlimited number of program proposals.

The proposal must be complete and submitted by the deadline in order to be reviewed and approved by the USFSP Education Abroad Programs Manager and forwarded for risk analysis through the International Risk and Security Office at USF World.