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Studying abroad can be one of the most rewarding experiences in your academic career. You should consider the variables associated with studying abroad such as time, money, and authorizations. View our getting started guide so you can enjoy your new adventure.

Below are the current offerings for USFSP. Additional education abroad opportunities and programs for USF World.

As always, feel free to stop by our office in BAY 204 or call us (727-873-4260) with any questions.

Business in the Baltics
Doing Business in Germany
French Language And Culture in Nice
USF in Vietnam
Spanish Language And Culture in Salamanca

Feel free to stop by our office in BAY 204 or call us (727-873-4260) for any questions.

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University Scholarships and Financial Aid Services (USFAS) will be awarding $1,500 need-based grants to 300 qualified students enrolling in summer USF Study Abroad programs.

If you are Pell Grant eligible this year and want to explore a summer study abroad trip, follow these steps:

  1. Speak to an Education Abroad advisor in MSC 3301 (Tampa), Bay 204 (USFSP) or B-308 (USFSM) about your study abroad program options.
  2. Discover the reality of funding by meeting with a Financial Aid advisor.
  3. Complete your application and commit to a program.


USFSP Education Abroad Events

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Deadline to submit all parts of program application AND commit to program IF applying for Education Abroad ScholarshipsFebruary 1, 2016
Deadline for paying Confirmation Payment IF applying for Education Abroad Scholarships (or 5 days after committing to program, whichever date comes first)February 15, 2016
Deadline for submitting Education Abroad Scholarships (separate application) for Summer 2016 ProgramsFebruary 15, 2016