The Students of Concern Assistance Team (SOCAT) works with students who may be distressed or whose behavior is of concern to others. SOCAT was established as a way to provide support and assistance to a student before more significant problems arise. SOCAT’s focus is to help offer supportive intervention and guidance to any USFSP student who is struggling. The goal is to help the student focus on academic success, avert more serious difficulties, and ensure the safety of both the student and the USFSP community.

Attending a university is an exciting and dynamic experience that can include making lifelong friends, engaging in exciting intellectual pursuits, and participating in the campus community.

It is a time to grow in self-awareness and to develop a sense of adult identity. It may also be a time of great stress. Balancing family, work, financial and other obligations may tax a student’s coping skills. When stress is severe, it may lead to physical and emotional distress and academic failure.

In a caring campus community, each student and staff member must be concerned for the well-being of others. If you observe a student in distress, you may be in a position to offer assistance or at least guide the student to the right source of support. SOCAT helps coordinate resources to ensure that each student has the opportunity to be successful.


The USFSP Students of Concern Assistance Team includes the following core members:

Jake Diaz, Ph.D., Case Manager, Dean of Students

Chief David Hendry, USFSP Campus Police

Lieutenant Reggie Olivier, USFSP Campus Police

Dr. Anita Sahgal, Director, Wellness Center

Roy Callihan, Academic Advising

Barry McDowell, Assistant Director, Student Disability Services

Dr. Deby Cassill, Associate Chairperson, Associate Professor, Biological Sciences

Scott Hendershot, Housing Assignments and Operations Coordinator

*Representatives of other USFSP offices may be consulted as needed.