Support for Crime Victims

Resources for Sexual, Dating, Stalking, & Domestic Violence

If you are a victim of a crime, the University of South Florida is ready to assist you in the manner that you determine is best for you. If you desire confidentiality, there are campus and community resources that will respect that decision. Review the potential Paths below the decide how to proceed.

Confidential Resources

Contact USFSP Victim Advocate

We work for you, offering insight as to your options and providing support for every step along the path that you want us to take, including:

  • Injunctions for Protection: The USF Police Department will enforce any protective orders on campus when they are notified via receipt of a copy of the order.
  • Accommodations and Assistance: When reasonably available, we can help you change your housing or living arrangements, your class schedule or other such academic situations, or transportation or working situations.
  • Assistance with Academic Issues (such as late assignment, missed classes, etc.) resulting from the impact of the traumatic incident.

We work with the Wellness Center and Students of Concern Action Team as needed to provide students with additional assistance.

Call Victim Advocate (24/7) : (727) 873-4422

Other Resources

On Campus: Wellness Center: 727-873-4422

Off Campus: PEMHS: 727-541-4628

Non-Confidential Resources

Call 911 to Report

On Campus: USFSP Police Department: 727-873-4140

Off Campus: St. Petersburg Police Department: 727-893-7780

Pinellas County Sheriff Department: 727-582-6200

Other Campus & USF System Resources

Office of the Dean of Students: 727-873-4826

Office of Student Conduct: 727-873-5027

Certain USF System employees, known as Campus Security Authorities (CSAs), are mandated under federal law to report such crimes and their location per the Clery Act. The victim’s name and identifiers are anonymous. CSAs include, but are not limited to RAs, academic advisers and student activity coordinators.