Academic Integrity

Academic integrity is grounded in certain fundamental values, which include honesty, respect and fairness. Broadly defined, it is the completion of all academic endeavors and claims of scholarly knowledge as representative of one’s own efforts. Issues related to academic integrity include plagiarism, cheating on examinations, reusing papers and submitting your own work.

All USFSP students are expected to demonstrate the highest level of honesty and responsibility. Any form of dishonesty destroys the trust between faculty and student, is unfair to other students within the program and contradicts the reason for entering the program. Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse.

View USF’s system policy on the Academic Integrity of Students for more information.

Commitment to Honor

As an ethical community, the University of South Florida St. Petersburg is dedicated to the ideals of excellence in scholarship, academic learning and student development. By joining this community, each member is expected to accept and live these commitments.

  • I resolve to maintain in pursuit of scholarship, academic learning, and student development.
  • I resolve to respect the dignity and intrinsic value of all persons.
  • I resolve to contribute to the progress and greater good of the community.
  • I resolve to strive for excellence and discovery for myself, others, and the university.

You are invited to join a Community of Practice to honor USFSP.

To accept this invitation, simply practice these principles in your relationships:

  • People act responsibly only when they care.
  • We are all in this together; nothing living lives alone.
  • To create health, create more connections.
  • People support what they create.
  • Keep expanding the circle of inclusion.
  • Expect leadership to emerge from everywhere and everyone.
  • Learning must be the primary value.
  • Ask what is possible, not what is wrong.
  • Avoid denial and blame.
  • Remember why we do our work.