Accommodations are designed to compensate for the impact of a student’s specific disability and may vary from class to class. Accommodations include but are not limited to:

  • Services of note-takers
  • Permission to tape record lectures (audio)
  • Services of ASL interpreters
  • Extra time or distraction-free environment for test-taking
  • Use of computers for examinations
  • Services of scribes or readers for examinations
  • Adaptive classroom furniture

Other Services:

  • Books on tape may be obtained from the Tampa SDS office or through RFB&D.
  • Adaptive equipment in the Poynter Library ADA room include an enlargement device and software provided on the available computer, Jaws
  • Screen reader and the Kurzweil 3000 text-to-speech recognition software.
  • Course Substitution – Students with disabilities requesting substitution of course work for General Education and Foreign Language requirements or of CLAST requirements should contact the SDS office.
  • FM Listening System for the hearing impaired.