What scholarships are available to students with disabilities?

The Theodore and Vivian Johnson Scholarship is available. Application materials become available in April and the deadline to apply is in May. Other scholarship information is available in the Financial Aid Office, Bayboro 105, (727) 873-4128.

What disabilities are accommodated?

The Americans with Disabilities Act defines “disability” as a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more of life’s major activities such as walking, hearing, seeing, speaking, breathing, learning or working. Impairments include hearing, visual, mobility, psychological, chronic medical conditions, learning disabilities and attention deficit disorders.

How do I communicate my accommodation needs to my instructors?

Once the student gives his or her class schedule to the SDS office, letters of accommodation will be prepared for each instructor. The student then gives the letter to the instructor, typically during the first week of the semester.

How does a student arrange for an examination accommodation?

Students are eligible for accommodation if their disabilities require extended time for tests, a distraction-free environment for tests, reading/writing assistance or adaptive equipment to complete exams. All semester exams should be scheduled early in the semester in the SDS office, SLC 1203. One week before each exam, the Test Assistance Request Form should be completed by both the student and the instructor, and returned to the SDS office. This form can be printed from this website or picked up from the SDS office.

Can students receive note-taking assistance?

Yes, currently limited funds are available to pay note-takers to provide this service. Volunteering as note-takers is also welcome. Students can select a classmate or ask the professor to make an announcement for one in class. The SDS office has an announcement sheet and the student can remain anonymous. Note-takers should fill out the application in the SDS office as soon as possible.

If a student receives accommodations is it then possible to submit a paper or test late?

Students with disabilities have a right to receive reasonable accommodations, academic adjustments and services. Accommodations that are not “reasonable” or that impose a fundamental alteration on a program would not qualify as an appropriate adjustment. It is up to each professor to decide what is fair to each student without affecting the academic integrity of the class.

Is my information confidential?

Yes, your information is confidential and cannot be released to anyone without your permission. All records are stored in locked cabinets.