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USC Connect Video Project Request Guidelines

USC Connect can help create your video project. We specialize in event filming, documentary producing, and creative video projects.

Event Coverage:

  • Event Coverage video requests must be submitted no later than 2 weeks out from the event.
  • Submissions must include the following:
    • Name & Organization
    • Event Title
    • Event Date
    • Approximate Hours Requested
    • Details About Event
    • Anything Else We Should Know
  • Video project requests must be submitted no later than 1 month in advance from deadline
    • Projects must include the following:
    • a 1-2 page summary of video (e.g.: proposed length of video, themes, outline, 1-2 paragraph
    • a script
    • a list of people in the video
    • Note: you must be the one to set up appointments for us to come in and tape the
    people in your video. We will provide you with a list of times the crew is free to film.
    • a tentative list of locations (we can help you fill in the blanks to help make your video
    aesthetically beautiful).
    • a list of props or any other equipment you will be using in your video
    • If hosting an event, a schedule for the day with important sections highlighted

Please provide all of these in one document in .doc, .docx, or .pdf format.

USC Connect Photo Project Request Guidelines

USC Connect can photograph your event.

• Event request submissions must be submitted at least two weeks in advance from event.
• Please provide a short synopsis of what your event is.
• Please provide a schedule breakdown for the days and highlight important pieces.
• The Connect team can also set up a photo booth. We have access to lights and backdrops. Please specify in your request if you would like this service to be included.

USC Connect Graphic Design Project Request Guidelines

If your student organization is having problems creating or putting the finishing touches on your event flyer, the Connect team can help you out. Connect currently offers graphic design for flyers.

• Flyer request submissions must be submitted at least two weeks in advance from goal time.
• Please provide a copy of all text that will be on the flyer.