For campus-wide events, programs, and resources geared towards USFSP students. Submissions are due at least one (1) week prior to your desired posting date.

  • All submissions must be: 1700px x 1000px, 300dpi, jpg/png
  • Powerpoint slides are accepted for Bulls Eye, but MUST have slides sized for: On-Screen (16:9) and saved in .jpg format.
  • Adding a solid color in the background or bars on the side of an improperly sized image do not qualify as properly sized content.
  • The USC WILL NOT accept requests for placement on Bulls Eye screens. The USC staff will decide what qualifies and is appropriate for placement on the Bulls Eye.
  • All Bulls Eye content will remain up for two (2) weeks or until event or program has passed.
  • The USC will not design content; all content must be sent ready to post.
  • Content WILL NOT be posted to Bulls Eye if it is poorly made (ex: content includes too many words, content not easily readable, etc.) We will be judged for the overall appearance of the Bulls Eye and we have been charged to maintain control over the Bulls Eye content.