MMC 5146 / Fall

Learn how to publish your work online with an understanding of code, third party hosting, and more.

This course is a hands­on introduction to the most popular technologies, tools and processes for publishing content to the Web. It’s also an overview of the most important design and development trends, especially for news and information websites. No prior experience creating Web content is needed, but the class is fast­paced and rigorous. Throughout the semester, you’ll encounter a range of technical concepts and techniques. By the of the course, you’ll create your own site and know how to use foundational technologies to establish an effective Web presence.


  • Possess the proficiency and confidence to apply Web publishing skills and techniques, including Web hosting, using various programs such as text editors and ftp clients, as well as basic programming languages such as HTML and CSS.
  • Understand the characteristics of the Web as a mass communication medium, and basic conceptual, practical and ethical aspects of online communications.
  • Analyze online resources for information gathering, and evaluate online communications with respect to credibility, reliability, usability, and other qualities.


  • History of the Internet
  • The Internet and the web
  • Web tech glossary
  • Using plain text editors
  • How does HTML work?
  • Fonts for the web
  • Images for the web: gif, png, jpeg and favicons
  • Web colors
  • Video for the web
  • Audio for the web
  • Usability
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Servers and hosting
  • File Transfer Protocol
  • Promoting your site with SEO