MMC 6936 / Fall

Learn to source and promote your work on multiple social platforms.

Social media literacy is critical in today’s society to both professional communicators and consumers of communication. This class covers what social media are, who uses them, who gains from them, and how they are transforming our personal, social, cultural, political, economic worlds as well as our media. You will become familiar with a range of social media tools, analyze and discuss their uses and implications, and use them in a professional manner.


  • Use various social media tools and sites in a professional manner, with respect for own personal privacy and others’.
  • Use various social media tools to create and disseminate news and other types of journalism and media content; engage with other professional communicators; engage with news consumers and followers to perform routine journalistic tasks such as finding story ideas and sources, fact-checking, etc.
  • Understand the theory, history, and practice (uses and misuses) of social media.


  • Latest reports and statistics on the users and uses of the major social networks
  • Examples and case studies of social media in journalism and newsrooms
  • Analysis of major social networks in the U.S. such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, as well as social networks commonly used for journalism, marketing and other professional communication