JOU 6114 / Fall, Spring

Conceptualize and write news stories that conform to presentation in traditional (print and broadcast) and online style.

This course teaches writing and multimedia skills specific to the practice of journalism across all media platforms: print, broadcast, and the web. Students conceptualize and write news articles and feature stories for print and online style, with consideration given to storytelling techniques for emerging digital media platforms such as blogs, Twitter and other forms of social media. Special emphasis is given to modifying text-based articles and stories for multimedia presentation.


  • Write news stories for varied audiences, across all media platforms
  • Understand the role of technology in digital storytelling
  • Appreciate how digital media are changing the storyteller’s role in contemporary newsrooms
  • Transform traditional print and broadcast news stories for an on-line audience
  • Create content specifically for the web and other forms of digital media


  • The Role of the Storyteller
  • Reporting Stories Across Media
  • Writing the Story for Print and the Web
  • Video Storytelling on the Air and on the Web
  • Presenting the Story On Camera, On Air, and Online
  • Practicing Public Relations in a Multimedia World
  • Multiculturalism for a Digital Audience