6950 / Fall, Spring, Summer

Exhibit reporting skills, technological expertise and creative power in a unique online project that will be the culminating experience of the degree.

This course will provide opportunities for intensive project work, with detailed feedback from the course instructor and peers. Students will develop the ideas conceived in the first semester of the program and see them to fruition. Students can choose between two project types:

  1. Reporting-based Projects – Most student projects will involve reporting and producing an original piece of multimedia journalism. Depending on the student’s goals, these projects might emphasize one platform or seek to blend many delivery formats. In general, three reporting-based projects can be pursued:
    1. A long-form video project (30+ minutes total, but could involve multi-part installments)
    2. A long-form audio project (60+ minutes total, but could involve multi-part installments)
    3. A full multimedia package (combining three or more media, e.g., text, photos and audio)
  2. Development-based Projects – For students with experience (or a strong interest) in the more technical or entrepreneurial aspects of digital journalism, three development-based projects can be pursued:
    1. An original news or information website
    2. A news app for the desktop and/or a mobile device
    3. A tool, service or platform that enhances the delivery of news or information For development-based projects, a prototype may be sufficient, depending on the scope of the proposed idea.


  • Create an original piece of multimedia reporting or a news/information site or service.
  • Analyze the creative process via a final report.


  • Work with and finalize storyboards and other multimedia planning documents.
  • Finalize a project’s audience and purpose.
  • Use a range of tools to produce and publish an innovative digital journalism project.