JOU 6360 / Spring

Hone critical thinking skills while becoming familiar with blogs, social media and other digital technologies of modern journalism.

This course provides an in-depth analysis of the tools and technologies used to deliver news and information online. Eight distinct delivery platforms are reviewed. Along the way, underpinning technologies are introduced, and their roles in how we create, disseminate and share news are explained. Emerging trends, ethical challenges and business models are considered, and the ramifications for news producers and consumers are uncovered. Throughout the semester, students will encounter frameworks to evaluate and design digital media. Essential vocabulary and tools are presented alongside opportunities to create and assess digital content. Along with [Multimedia Reporting](multimedia-reporting), Digital Media Technology provides students with a foundation in the tools and techniques used to publish compelling digital content. This course puts special emphasis on how compelling content can be published and connected to audiences. Together, these courses should form a bedrock for students’ [final projects](final-project), which should take the form of original multimedia reporting, an original news or information website, a news app or a tool, service or platform that enhances the delivery of news or information.


  • Assemble a personal toolkit for evaluating, creating and deconstructing digital media.
  • Analyze the digital strategy for a startup news/information site.
  • Write and edit on wikis, blogs and other digital platforms.
  • Describe the major platforms for delivering news and information.
  • Identify the most influential and successful exemplars of each platform.


  • The essence of news & information online – How we communicate online and consequences for content creators.
  • The new news consumer – Media consumption habits, the devices we use to access news and information, audience behavior.
  • A review of digital media platforms and underlying technologies – Blogs, wikis, podcasts, social media, forums, games and mobile sites and apps.
  • Digital marketplaces – The publishing platforms that connect creators and consumers.
  • International perspectives – Trends and issues outside the US.
  • Analytics and the business of news – Digital media business models.