JOU 6006 / Spring

Gain perspectives on the practice of journalism in the digital era and its effects on democracy.

This course will provide perspectives on and historical development of the practice of journalism in the digital era. Students will also make determinations about the efficacy of digital journalism in building or diminishing democracy.


  • Analyze the history and development of media and media theory through the digital era
  • Describe evolution of major news- gathering, -production and -dissemination techniques and technologies during the past decade and their role in the spread of information
  • Evaluate role of digital media in democracy
  • Determine effects of digital media on diversity and multiculturalism


  • Historical development of media and theory through the digital era
  • Influences of digital media on news, news practice, and other media content; Major issues
  • Current or potential role for digital media in development or maintenance of democracy, including inclusiveness
  • Potential futures for digital media