Virtual Computer Lab

The Virtual Computer Lab allows you to bring all of the functionality provided on our lab computers to your own machine. VMware View creates a virtual desktop identical to a lab computer, includingVMware logo software like SPSS, Arc GIS, and Photoshop.

By switching between your own desktop and the virtual one, you are able to save and access files on your computer and use them with our software. For Windows users, the My Documents folder inside the virtual computer becomes an shortcut to the user’s local computer drive. VMware View also supports USB flash drives and other peripheral devices.


Virtual Lab install guide

Install Virtual Computer Lab







Mac OS users can also save their files. Since the Virtual Computer Lab has Internet access built in, Mac users can use email or Web storage services, such as MobileMe or SkyDrive, to sync or send their files to their computer.

Student Tech Fee image

The Virtual Computer Lab is Student Tech Fee-funded and only accessible through campus networks, such as the wireless network and the Student Housing network. It’s powered by VMware’s View application, which you will have to download and install upon first use.