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Recruiting & Internships

There are a variety of ways for companies and organizations to recruit talented students for employment and internships. These opportunities help students gain relevant experience while meeting the organization’s needs.


Students are eager to gain hands-on work experience. Internships are an excellent way to enhance classroom learning with ‘real world’ planned learning experiences. The Career Center provides resources and assistance to develop these planned learning opportunities.  Partnerships with the various colleges ensure contacts are connected with the appropriate  faculty and staff members to establish for-credit internships.

Career Fairs & Events

Companies and organizations promote current openings and meet our students.

Companies and organizations promote current openings and meet our students.

The Career Center hosts a career fair during the spring semester for companies and organizations to promote current openings and meet our students. A smaller Part-Time Job  Fair is held each fall. Other promotional events and options include information sessions,  being a guest speaker for classes or student organizations, and volunteering for networking  events. We also design events for specific needs of companies and organizations.


The Career Center offers Recruit-a-Bull, a database to post employment, internship and volunteer openings for free. Some features include the ability to search student profiles for potential candidates and to access their resumes for review.

Employer Relations

The Career Center has designated professionals to support companies and organizations with their recruiting needs. We will provide guidance with position and internship descriptions along with resources regarding university, state and federal guidelines and requirements. We look forward to partnering with you!