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Camps & Outdoor Adventures

Paddle Sport Lessons & Trips: Kayak, Canoe, and Standup Paddleboarding

With direct access to Bayboro Harbor and the Gulf Beaches a fifteen-minute drive away, the Waterfront is the ideal place to learn and enjoy a variety of paddle sports.

From informal recreation hours through our instructional classes or participating in a guided standup paddleboarding (SUP), kayak, or canoe trip, our Paddle Sports Program is perfect for all levels.

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Kayak/Canoe Lessons, Adventure Trips & Rentals

Sailing adventure with the Waterfront

Sailing adventure with the Waterfront

Whether you are kayaking and canoeing for the first time or have experience, the Waterfront has something for you.

Our SmartStart kayak and canoe program offers private instruction to those with little or no experience through beginner and intermediate levels. Our adventure trips offer guided tours with instructors through local parks & preserves. We are sure novices and those who with advanced skills will have an “adventure”!

We also offer free kayak & canoe usage to the general public with purchase of a membership.

Summer Camps

Summer camp at the Waterfront

Summer camp at the Waterfront

Get your children ready for a summer of fun by enrolling them in the USFSP camps! We offer Summer Splash camps (Ages 8-11), and multiple sessions of our Watercraft Operator camp.

Each camp session has a maximum of about ten students and run from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday; ages vary on the specific program. All camps are conducted by certified Instructors.

Sailing Classes

Waterfront staff and sailboats

Waterfront staff and sailboats

The Waterfront maintains almost 40 sailboats from 13-37 feet in length to provide opportunities for the neophyte to the seasoned sailor ready for overnight  adventures.

Our premier dock facility was completely redone in 2010 and can support multiple sailing activities simultaneously. Join us for beginning and advanced sailing classes, including United States Sailing Certifications.

Boats are available during Waterfront hours, seven days a week. Public sailboat check out is available with membership.

SCUBA Classes & SCUBA/Snorkel Day Adventures

SCUBA class at the Waterfront

SCUBA class at the Waterfront

The Waterfront offers SCUBA Certification in Beginning Open Water and Advanced Open Water. Courses meet at the Waterfront for an Orientation & Lecture session and in-water training dives. Certification dives are at Rainbow River, Crystal River or the Florida Keys.