College of Arts and Sciences Mission

To embody the principles and activities of a research intensive liberal arts college, where our graduates will be well trained within their disciplines, and thus prepared for graduate of professional schools. Our students will have the critical skills, broad outlook, and civic awareness that will make them engaged and productive citizens. In short, our students will be recognized as citizen scholars.

Unit Goals/Strategies

  1. Make significant and meaningful contributions to ongoing dialogues in our academic fields;
  2. Expect our undergraduates and graduate students to engage in research – where feasible, in collaboration with faculty;
  3. Cultivate a vigorous liberal arts culture by recruiting talented and diverse faculty and students, maintaining small class sizes, and mentoring those students we have;
  4. Encourage free discussions, foster critical thinking, demand that our students write, and when possible, to work across disciplines;
  5. Initiate and expand graduate programs and develop formal academic ties to other graduate programs within the University of South Florida system;
  6. Introduce, as part of the mosaic of learning experiences at USFSP, civic engagement, service learning, and experiential learning into classes, when appropriate.