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Advisory Committee

Committee Members

Frank Biafora, Chair Dean, College of Arts & Sciences
Susan Allen Associate Professor, College of Arts & Sciences
Goliath Davis Concerned Organizations for the Quality Education of Black Students
Jonathan Ellen, M.D. President, All Children’s Hospital
Vivian Fueyo Professor, College of Education
Carol Hixson Dean, Poynter Memorial Library
Olivia Hodges Instructor, College of Education
Bill Jackson Professor, College of Business
Donna Knudsen Assistant Director, Graduate Studies
Mark Lombardi-Nelson President, Student Government
Chris Meindl Associate Professor, College of Arts & Sciences
Gary Mormino Professor, College of Arts & Sciences
Gary Patterson Professor, College of Business
Sue Porter First Vice Chair, USFSP Alumni Society
David Punzak Managing Partner, St. Petersburg Office
Carlton Fields
Debbie Sembler Chair, USFSP Campus Board
Member, USF Board of Trustees
Kay-lynne Taylor Director, Student Affairs
Jennifer Walker Executive Administrative Specialist,
College of Education

Committee Staff

Sandi Conway Director, Human Resources
Helen Levine Regional Vice Chancellor, External Affairs
Kathleen Moore Associate Vice President,
USF System Initiatives