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I know its hard transitioning into college, not only that but looking for a job in a whole new town. But the Career Center makes it easy, take it from someone who’s worked with them. I went to the Career Center and they, helped fix-up my resume, I also went to the career fair that they had and spoke to multiple employers (two of which are now currently my bosses), I also used their mock interview service that they offer, and then to seal the deal for the interview I used their Career Closet to make sure I looked the part for my interviews. Thanks to their awesome services and great staff I now currently have three jobs.

Iannah Johnson
Iannah JohnsonSophomore, Biology

The Career Center has helped me tremendously…I participated in mock interviews…by the time the actual interview took place, I felt so confident and so prepared…as a result the Career Center helped me get two jobs!

Hannah Morris
Hannah Morris