Coquina Club Renovation/Addition News

The University of South Florida Saint Petersburg has completed the design phase for the renovation and addition of the Coquina Club. With help from 1461847446866_logo1-preferred-email.jpg, Campus Recreation, Student Life and Engagement, Facility Services, and most importantly USFSP students, we were able to design a student centered, multi-purpose, indoor/outdoor lounge and event space. The space needed to be welcoming, enjoyable, and safe place for USFSP Students to spend time. The project aims to increase utilization of indoor and outdoor space at the “Coquina Club” by increasing interaction, function, and presence with the Outdoor Pool, Harborside Lawn, and Haney Landing Sailing Center.

This project also aligns with the USFSP Strategic and Master Plan by: Reinforcing a distinctive identity by enhancing “The Edge” of campus, the waterfront, and the unique amenities of USFSP. Providing additional infrastructure to engage existing students and attract new students, faculty, and staff. Enhancing “third-space” options for students, faculty and staff (including commuters and adjucts) that keep them engaged on campus thereby nurturing retention and a culture of collaboration. Implementing sustainable practices in the preservation of existing infrastructure, the inclusion of high-performing assemblies and systems, and manifest a culture of care. Creating a safe environment for the campus community by addressing security and safety issues.

Check back frequently for updates as the construction begins the week of April 3rd, 2017.

Estimated timeline of Coquina Club Renovation and Addition project