To Create an IMLeagues Account:

Go to

Enter your information, use your USF Email ( and submit.


Go to and click “Log in With Facebook,” if you have a Facebook account with your school email attached. This will automatically create an account, fill in your info, and join you to the school (steps 2-4).

Enter your information, use your USF Email ( and submit.
You will be sent an activation email, click the link in the email to login and activate your IMLeagues account. You should be automatically joined to your school. If not you can search schools by clicking the “schools” link.

**Note: IMLeagues offers a live support button in the top right corner of all pages, please use this button if you encounter any difficulties.**

How to Log In to your IMLeagues Account

After you have created your IMLeagues Account:
1. Go to, and click LOGIN at the top right of the screen.

IMLeagues Login1

2. Enter your Login information and click Sign In.

IMLeagues Login2

3. After you click Sign In, IMLeagues will take you to the page below. Wait to be redirected, or click the blue ‘Click Here’ button to be redirected.

IMLeagues Login3

4. Once you have been redirected to this page, click USF NetID.

IMLeagues Login4

5. Enter your NetID username and password, then click Sign In.

IMLeagues Login5

6. Once you have successfully logged in using your NetID information, you will be redirected to the page below. Click the ‘Intramurals’ button.

IMLeagues Login6

7. Finally, click the ‘Intramural Sports’ IMLeagues Banner. This will take you to your IMLeagues account. From there you can sign up a team, join a team, check your team’s game schedule, etc.

IMLeagues Login7