Experience USFSP

There are joys to coming to a college like USFSP with no idea what it’s all about.

When trying to decide which college to attend I asked few questions. Is it close to my house so I don’t have to move? Check. Does it have the subject I want to major in? Check. Manageable tuition? Check. Okay, where is the application?

That was a general rundown of how I came to attend the University of South Florida St. Petersburg. There were no long Internet research times. I went on no tours before applying and I knew only a handful of people are that were attending and had in the past. I received my AA and was looking for a school to obtain my BA in Mass Communications.

I know what you’re thinking.

How did you know USFSP was right for you? Weren’t you afraid you would be unhappy once you actually attended school there?

Still not sure, but finding that out for myself was the beauty of it. I don’t know about you but if I want to do something no amount of research or advice can change my mind about it.

And you know what?

USFSP has not disappointed. After only attending for one year I am still breaking into many of the cool things that can be seen and done on campus, but I have put together a short list of my favorite sights and sounds that I have come across on the campus.

Seeing dolphins swimming while walking to class for the first time

There is almost nothing more beautiful than walking past dolphins swimming in the beautiful Tampa Bay on the way to or from your classes. My first time seeing them I took about a hundred pictures, but now it’s such commonplace that I just admire and relax. Studying in the gazebo on the water or around the various other spots around the waterfront has also proved to be a relaxing and beautiful experience. The USFSP campus location is one of the many amazing reasons why I love this school.

Hanging at the Tavern with friends

Amazing deli sandwiches, wraps and hand crafted drinks; the Tavern is a low-key place to see your friends and discuss your day. It has also been common to find certain professors catching a quick bite to eat. I suggest bonding over a yummy “sammie” or soup.

Forming relationships with my awesome professors has made me appreciate them and what they do more.

The Tavern has quickly become one of my favorite places on the USFSP campus.

Meeting new people on campus with your same passions

If you are coming straight from high school you will now be surrounded with people from all walks of life but with the same passions that you may have. If transferring from a smaller school or coming for graduate work this can also speak to you. Meeting people with like passions will always be a good thing.

This small list is just the beginning of all the amazing finds at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg. But really, seeing and doing all of these for yourself is so much more fun and rewarding than hearing them from someone else. I do suggest doing a bit more research than I did, just to be sure USFSP is the right place for you.