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Secret getaways on campus

favorite getaway

This is my favorite getaway on campus behind the Davis building.

Going to the library may be a hassle for some people. The constant clicking of keyboards or the subconscious thought of having to be quiet have probably turned you away from relaxing in the library. If you thought USF St.Petersburg didn’t have any relaxing or chill spots then think again, this campus is loaded with “not so secret” secret getaways. … Continue reading

Research Month Showcases Scholarly Work

(St. Petersburg, Fla.) April 5, 2010 – With 2010 Research Month events underway, students, faculty and the community can explore the creativity and diversity of ongoing research at USF St. Petersburg through a series of events open to the public. At Research Month events, members of the public can expect to see demonstrations and examples of USFSP’s innovative courses and … Continue reading

USFSP Names Building for the Hon. Peter Rudy Wallace

(St. Petersburg, Fla.) February 9, 2010 – Through his leadership and advocacy, the Hon. Peter Rudy Wallace secured funding and support for the Florida Center for Teachers – a multipurpose building at USF St. Petersburg that opened in 2001. The university will rename the building the Peter Rudy Wallace Florida Center for Teachers on Wednesday, Feb. 17 at 5 p.m. … Continue reading