Making Key Chains

Save Lids to Save Lives

I always felt a major thing this campus lacked was bringing awareness of disabilities or cancers or anything of the sort to the students and faculty. I figured if I started with one thing, it would be a major success with the tight knit campus that we have!

So I decided to start the Yoplait Save Lids to Save Lives program here last year in October.

Saving yogurt lids save lives…? Wait what?

What is this you ask? Save Lids to Save Lives is a philanthropy that takes in the Yoplait Pink Lids as donation money. Each lid is worth .10 cents towards our local Susan G Komen for the Cure.

Last year this program was held by the Residence Hall Association from October 1st through the 31st, and only held in the Residence Hall One. It was done by having floor competitions. By the end of the month the total amount of lids collected were 350, totaling out to be $35 towards the charity.

This year I wanted the program to be a campus wide event, getting faculty and student leaders in on the deal. RHA has a goal of collecting 1000 lids so that the total money donated would equal a solid $100. The first week was a slow one of marketing and promoting the event. 26 lids were collected at the end of the first week. I was disappointed and also scared that I wouldn’t be able to reach the goal of 1000. However I had to keep positive and remind myself that no matter how many lids are collected, it is still donation to the charity.

Yogurt Parfait Table

Yogurt parfait table

Today, however, Harborside Activities Board put on an event call Think Pink. Think Pink was a “create your own yogurt parfait and a breast cancer awareness key chain” event. Yoplait yogurt was provided so that when the students or faculty were finished, they can easily take the lid off and place it in the box supplied.

There was a great turn out of attendance and I couldn’t be more excited to count how many lids are totaled by the end of the week.

I am hoping this is bringing awareness to the campus and I hope that with each student realizes that turning in a simple yogurt lid is contributing so much to fight the cause.

Student Boards Award $45,000 in Community Grants

Nine community organizations each received $5,000 grants in a ceremony held at USFSP on Wednesday, Dec. 7. Members of the Student Philanthropy Boards presented the awards to organization representatives.

The student boards researched community needs, created requests for proposals and reviewed the award applicants. The award funding is made possible through the federal Learn and Serve America grant awarded nationally to engage students in service-learning projects and promote community service while enhancing student academic and civic skills. The grant, one of 36 awarded in 2009, supports the Student Philanthropy Boards and the Lead Learn Serve program at USFSP.

The organizations that received awards included:

  • Bay Area Greyhound Adoptions
  • Tampa Bay Job Link
  • Science Center of Pinellas
  • Infants and Young Children
  • Solita’s House
  • Edible Peace
  • Great Explorations
  • St. Petersburg Free Clinic
  • Kiwanis Horses for Handicapped Foundation