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Neighborhood News Bureau Provides Real-Life Experience For Journalists

Neighborhood News Bureau

Neighborhood News Bureau

Many of my fellow classmates, including myself, are intimidated by one required course in the Journalism and Media Studies program – Neighborhood News Bureau.  After completing the course, some journalism students feel the same about NNB, and some students have a new outlook on the class. Neighborhood News Bureau is a class dedicated to beat reporting.  The beat students cover at … Continue reading

An education through experience

While finishing up with my internship at University Advancement on campus and working for The Crow’s Nest, I think I have learned more in one semester than I did the previous two years combined. My first two years of college were filled with prerequisites and general education requirements. There weren’t many classes that actually held my interest for the entirety … Continue reading

The future is closer than it appears

Credits required for a bachelor’s degree in mass communications: 124. Credits accumulated: 104. Credits needed: 20. Just 20 more credit hours until I can walk across the stage and get my expensive piece of paper. The point of going to school is to get an education, graduate and get a job. Since my second year of college I couldn’t wait … Continue reading

Graduate student creates documentary on the life and legacy of Nelson Poynter

Walter Gordon knew he faced a monumental task when he decided to create a video documentary of the late Nelson Poynter as his Master’s in Liberal Arts project. Poynter was a giant in the newspaper industry and a tireless champion of USF St. Petersburg. When he died in 1978, he left behind a 44-foot stack of papers, documents and filmed … Continue reading