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Secret getaways on campus

Going to the library may be a hassle for some people.

The constant clicking of keyboards or the subconscious thought of having to be quiet have probably turned you away from relaxing in the library.

If you thought USF St.Petersburg didn’t have any relaxing or chill spots then think again, this campus is loaded with “not so secret” secret getaways.

Top five getaways on campus

If you are looking for a spot to just watch tv or even play board games to take your mind off of classes then the gaming room inside of The Reef is the place for you. This room has comfortable sofas, a flat-screen tv and tables for gaming. Apples to Apples, Cranium and Scrabble are a few of the board games that this room has to offer. If you’re not a board game type of person then you can hook up your own gaming system, PS3, Xbox, etc. to the tv. Although the smell of the cafeteria food may distract you, this is a great place for meeting people on campus or just hanging out.

The Tavern may just be everyone’s, including some of your professors, favorite getaway on campus. This spot offers an authentic bar atmosphere which makes you forget that you are even on a college campus.

“I love going to The Tavern after my classes, it’s so chill and not as raunchy as other bars,” says Marwa Hijazi.

There’s nothing more relaxing than eating a good meal in a relaxing environment, if you are tired of eating at The Reef then check out The Campus Grind. This place has almost everything on their menu from buffalo chicken wraps to Mediterranean pizzas. Let’s not forget about their wide selection of beverages, after all it is a café.

“I cannot live without their Americanos, it gives me that extra boost of energy while I am studying there,” says Renee Robinson.

My personal favorite spots on campus are The Gathering and behind the Davis building, overlooking the water and the boats.

The Gathering is inside of the PRW building. This is an open area with comfortable sofas and it is very quiet. The Gathering is great for catching up on reading assignments, homework and even naps in between classes.

The open space behind the Davis building is the perfect spot to clear your mind after a tough exam or just in your downtime between classes. If you love being outdoors then this spot will be your best bet. There is nothing more soothing that chilling on the grass listening to the water splash against the sides of the concrete.

Students least favorite getaway

I asked a few students what their least favorite spot on campus to hang out is and most people said the student room in the Davis building.

“I seriously hate going there, it looks so old and the atmosphere isn’t relaxing at all!” says Reman Alquireshi.

I checked out the spot for myself and I would have to agree with many students. This room has an old school vibe to it. It is perfect to hang out with friends and play foosball or just sit and talk.

USFSP is a beautiful campus that has many hidden relaxing getaways. There’s nothing better than finding your own space on campus to get away from the stresses that school can cause.