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Explore and Get Lost

With Local Natives!

With Local Natives!

I have been in Belgium for over 2 months now, and now that the initial craziness has passed and I’ve comfortable settled into my new home I’ve been able to calm down and explore. I’ve been taking a French class and have made a few local friends which have really helped with the language, and which has given me the … Continue reading

Study, Work and Play in Downtown St. Petersburg.

Sunken Gardens

Sunken Gardens. Picture courtesy of Trip Advisor.l

Attending college is an important step in most teenagers and young adults lives. There are a few important factors in deciding where to spend the next few years of your life. As an undergrad I made my choice based on a few factors: The academic programs being offered, distance from my immediate family, the school that would give me the best … Continue reading

A look at art in our backyard

Welcome to USF St. Petersburg!

Welcome to USF St. Petersburg!

Take a walk off University of South Florida St. Petersburg’s campus and you are in the heart of downtown St. Petersburg. Surrounded by the beautiful waters of the Gulf, the city houses some amazing galleries and museums and the best part is that they are all a quick bike ride off campus. The Dali Museum The building itself is a … Continue reading

Finals Week Is NOW

Stencils of letters N E V R taped to paper

A snippet of my Final Project for Drawing

It usually seems that by the end of the semester most everyone is feeling burnt out and ready to go home for a while.  Or at least just tired of current classes.  Some people (myself included) prefer to cram everything they can into their noggins just before their exams, while others (perhaps smarter individuals) study gradually – building up their … Continue reading