USFSP Professor Presents Research at AERA

USFSP Assistant Professor of Education, AnnMarie Alberton Gunn, Ph.D., presented research at the national conference of the American Education Research Association (AERA) in Philadelphia. Gunn’s presentation, “Teacher’s Moving Forward on Their Self-Cultural Awareness Spectrum: Museums and Diverse Children’s Literature,” attempts to answer this research question: Does participation in a multicultural children’s literature course that includes a cultural literacy civic engagement … Continue reading

Holocaust Survivor Peter Feigl to Speak

Each spring, the USFSP Honors Program co-hosts with the Florida Holocaust Museum (FHM) a lecture as part of the FHM’s Genocide and Human Rights Awareness Month. This year, survivor Peter Feigl will share his story of rescue and loss. Fleeing the Germans in 1943, Feigl ended up in the French town of Le Chambon, which became a famous place of … Continue reading

USFSP Professor Awarded Princeton Fellowship



— Dr. V. Mark Durand

USFSP Psychology professor Mark Durand, Ph.D., traveled to Princeton last week as a recipient of the highly regarded 2014 Princeton Lecture Series Fellowship. As a tribute to his career in the field of autism, Dr. Durand was selected to be a keynote speaker at the 20th anniversary of the Princeton Lecture Series on Autism, where experts are invited to present new findings and future possibilities for the treatment and awareness of this complex developmental disorder.

“This is an impressive accomplishment for Dr. Durand and an honor for USFSP,” said Vivian Fueyo, Ph.D., interim regional vice chancellor of Academic Affairs. “This award simply confirms what we’ve long understood — that Dr. Durand is one of this country’s leading authorities on autism.”

Durand’s body of work includes the publication of three books since November: “Sleep Better! A Guide to Improving Sleep for Children with Special Needs,” “Autism Spectrum Disorder,” which is aimed at helping clinicians screen for and treat the disorder, and “Abnormal Psychology: An Integrative Approach,” Seventh Edition, a textbook required by universities across the country. Yet a fourth book, the seventh edition of a second text, “Essentials of Abnormal Psychology” is due in the fall.

For his Princeton lecture, Durand drew largely from his research and the resulting popular book, “Optimistic Parenting,” which guides parents and teachers of challenged children on how to develop more positive thoughts and perceptions — a key ingredient of successful parenting and effective behavior management.

“Trying to change difficult child behavior is much more complicated if families are struggling themselves,” says Durand. “What we are learning is that confidence and optimism — having hope — are prerequisites to successful parenting.”

Florida Studies to Host Environmentalist Nathaniel Reed

Nate Reed has served six Florida governors and two presidents in many positions, including terms as chairman of the Florida Department of Air and Water Pollution Control, and Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Department of the Interior for Fish, Wildlife and Parks. He’ll be on campus next Thursday, April 3, to lecture on how we all are impacted by Florida’s … Continue reading

USFSP to Offer Culinary Certificate; Food Conference to Kick Off Program

Acclaimed cookbook author and Southern culinary authority Nathalie Dupree will be the keynote speaker at the first USFSP Florida Food Conference on Saturday, April 5. The conference is the kick-off event for the launch of USFSP’s Graduate Food Writing and Photography Certificate program, which will start in the fall. “This will be a cutting-edge program,” said Janet K. Keeler, Tampa … Continue reading