Belmont University Learning Journey

Vision 20/20 Belmont LearningJ ourney

Vision 20/20 Belmont University Learning Journey

Belmont University was a very informative learning journey. The intentional embrace of Nashville as a destination of music and entertainment, and a hub of healthcare was a potent lesson for us. St. Petersburg is one of the New York Times 52 cities to visit in the world and we should maximize and leverage.  Certainly this strategy worked well for our colleagues at Belmont.

By Helen Levine
Regional Vice Chancellor
University Advancement

Vision 20/20 Community Input Forum was inclusive and motivating

I would like to express my thanks for the opportunity to participate in the USFSP Vision 20/20 Community Forum Input. I found the session to be informative, inclusive and motivating.

Dr. Wisniewska’s efforts to garner input from all stakeholders in the university’s strategic planning process are clearly evident and demonstrate that she is truly vested in the future success of USFSP as well as the community in which it resides.

I especially appreciated the opportunity attendees had to convene conversation groups that addressed ideas, concerns and initiatives that were on the minds of the community representatives. This “open” approach provided participants with every opportunity to get involved and share insight.

I convened and participated in a conversation about ways USFSP may be able to expand its relationship with The St. Petersburg Greenhouse (which provides support to entrepreneurs) to partner in efforts to actively address economic development, small business support and job growth in St. Petersburg’s Midtown and Childs Park communities.

The group shared several innovative ideas that included intern opportunities for students, tapping into USFSP’s research capabilities for best practice data and partnering with corporate entities and financial institutions for business mentoring and small-business financing programs.

Tracey L. Smith
Economic Development Coordinator
The Greenhouse
City of St. Petersburg

Staff Input Forum shows the commitment of USFSP employees to the institution

On Wednesday morning, over 75 members of the USFSP Staff met at the University Student Center to participate in the Vision 20/20 strategic planning process. I really have to commend the participants who took time from their day for this important effort. Everyone truly demonstrated their interest and investment in the future of USFSP.

It was exciting to watch as staff members identified important university issues and then hosted conversations where others joined with them to discuss possible solutions. The groups discussed a wide range of questions. Who is USFSP? What do we want to be in the future? How do we manage “smart” growth? How do we meet the needs of our employees and our campus? And how do we optimize partnerships for the future? These were just a few of the intriguing questions they discussed.

As we convened the meeting, everyone had a chance to share their most important thoughts from those conversations, which gave us all a chance to hear the wide range of issues that were raised. I want to commend the USFSP staff members who were able to participate. Please continue to monitor the progress of the strategic planning process at the Vision 2020 webpage.

David Hendry
Director of Police Services

Vision 20/20 strategic planning process reaches major milestone

The Vision 20/20 strategic planning process reached a major milestone this week with the successful completion of a series of Input Forums designed to broaden the conversation about the future of USF St. Petersburg.

Six input forums were held between Monday and Wednesday for students, faculty and staff. A special online forum was also held for distance learning students. Last month, the St. Petersburg Downtown Partnership participated in an Input Forum during its quarterly luncheon, held at the University Student Center Ballroom.

“Through these forums, I’ve had the pleasure of hearing some very thoughtful conversations about the future of our institution,’’ said Regional Chancellor Sophia Wisniewska. “I am excited about the possibilities and pleased at the level of engagement and enthusiastic participation during the forums.’’

The ideas generated during the forums will inform the final product of the strategic plan, which will be completed by the end of the 2013-14 academic year. The Vision Team will meet again Feb. 28 and March 1 and will discuss the feedback generated at the Input Forums.

Psychology Professor and Vision Team member V. Mark Durand, who helped lead the Faculty Input Forum, said the plan will help guide the university as it moves forward in the coming years. “I am convinced that the Vision 20/20 process will lead to concrete changes that will make USF St. Petersburg stronger,’’ he wrote in a blog post. “I observed a diverse but united group excited to help craft the vision for the institution and identify important next steps to help us be a distinctive educational institution that we can be proud of, one that produces successful students and that in some way makes meaningful contributions to our surrounding community.”

Vision 20/20 moves into a new phase beginning next week with the launch of a series of Learning Journeys for members of the Vision Team. The Learning Journeys are designed to be structured experiences that allow Vision Team members to explore key questions at the heart of the strategic planning process. Participants will visit a diverse group of institutions, including C1 Bank, HSN, Midtown St. Petersburg, the University of Tampa and All Children’s Hospital Johns Hopkins Medicine.

Impressions of the USFSP 20/20 community input forum

What a wonderful opportunity I had as a participant in the USFSP 20/20 Community Input Forum. I commend Regional Chancellor Wisniewska and the University for seeking input from community stakeholders to assist in charting their future.

Our group discussed the importance of an economic development partnership with the University and small businesses. Since the majority of Americans are employed by small businesses, it is extremely important to have USFSP lend/extend its intellectual and business assets to assist in building capacity of small businesses in the redevelopment areas (Midtown and Childs Park) of St. Petersburg.

Every great University is a major player in the ongoing economic development in the community in which it resides. The hope of our group is that USFSP will not be an exception to that rule. We look forward to having another co-laborer assisting the other stakeholders such as the City’s Economic Development Department (i.e. the Business Greenhouse) and Chamber of Commerce in business development, retention and expansion.

We have a very bright future,

Claude S. Williams,
Economic Development Coordinator
The Greenhouse