Tampa Bay Times Shines Light on USFSP Strategic Plan

Photo: Scott Keeler, Tampa Bay Times

Photo: Scott Keeler, Tampa Bay Times

Two articles in the Tampa Bay Times aimed a spotlight at USFSP’s Strategic Plan, which will be presented for approvals to USF System President Judy Genshaft, the Campus Board and the USF Board of Trustees later this summer. The first piece ran on the Times front page on Monday, June 22, and focused on USFSP’s efforts to shape its brand identity. A second piece, a Times Op-Ed that ran on Saturday, June 28, further endorsed Regional Chancellor Sophia Wisniewska’s vision for the university.

USFSP Seeks to Develop a Brand

Editorial: USF St. Petersburg Makes Remarkable Progress



Following almost nine months of discovery, USFSP Regional Chancellor Sophia Wisniewska leads the Strategic Planning team into its final phase: writing the plan.

View her update here: http://video.nelson.usf.edu/video/vision2020/

The community participates in Vision 20/20

When first approached to act as a community member of the Vision 20/20 for USFSP, I was flattered, but wondered why did they want someone from Clearwater. It didn’t take long to figure that out. While USFSP is a city University sitting on the water in St. Petersburg, it’s economic impact can be and should be felt throughout the Tampa Bay region, and for that matter have touch points around the globe.

The passion of the students, staff and faculty was obvious from the beginning. There was a real desire on all parties to be bold and to do something great. Under the careful guidance of facilitators Liz and Nancy, the group has met twice in one and a half day sessions, held forums to seek additional input from students, faculty, staff and the community, and made learning trips to corporations and other universities to study how they accomplished their strong strategic plan. All of the hard work and extra hours put in by the participants is absolutely amazing and everyone should be proud of the work they have done.

Although we’re coming into the homestretch with our meeting at the end of this month, input is still needed. So, if you’ve got something to say, now is the time to do it. Once completed, it will be vetted with all of USFSP’s stakeholders. The future looks bright for the University of South Florida St. Petersburg. Thanks for letting me be part of this wonderful process.

By Ray Ferrara
Vision Team Member and President/CEO of ProVise Management Group, LLC.

Vision 20/20 meeting inspires conversations about the future

Vision Team Circle

Vision Team Circle

I had the pleasure of spending a day and a half this past Friday and Saturday with USFSP faculty, staff and students at the second meeting of the Vision Team. We were also joined by several very committed business and community leaders.

We met in Harbor Hall. As I looked out at the circle of nearly 60 people, I was struck by the number of perspectives represented. We revisited the listening forums that were held in January and heard “lightning round” summaries of the learning journeys Vision Team members have taken.

We talked about everything from USFSP’s unique identity to student success and academic excellence, incorporating what we had learned from the listening forums and the learning journeys. As I participated in the conversations, I was struck by the depth of interest and engagement throughout the Vision Team. From student to faculty to staff to community member, each was engaged in contributing to the process in substantive ways.

We left Saturday afternoon with six “Bold Goals” that will lay the foundation for our strategic plan. Our aspirations for USFSP are ambitious and attainable. Because we have taken the time to include a variety of perspectives and provided numerous opportunities for everyone to be better informed about USFSP and the communities it serves, I believe we will end up with a substantive plan for our future.

by Vivian Fueyo, Ph.D.
Interim Regional Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs