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Finals Week Is NOW

Stencils of letters N E V R taped to paper

A snippet of my Final Project for Drawing

It usually seems that by the end of the semester most everyone is feeling burnt out and ready to go home for a while.  Or at least just tired of current classes.  Some people (myself included) prefer to cram everything they can into their noggins just before their exams, while others (perhaps smarter individuals) study gradually – building up their … Continue reading

Bill Hogarth: Festival shows science can be fun

St. Petersburg Science Festival

Having fun at last year's SciFest.

The Second Annual St. Petersburg Science Festival is Saturday and it’s going to be bigger and better than the first one last year. We’ll have about 100 exhibits set up along Bayboro Harbor, from Poynter Park all along the USF St. Petersburg waterfront. I got the idea of having a science festival a few years ago when I was dean … Continue reading

Clubul Avocatilor

Speaking in Moldova

Speaking in Moldova

While in Moldova on a Fulbright this summer, I interviewed the team at the American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative. (My project studies the impact of decisions of the European Court of Human Rights on legal/political/judicial reform in Moldova — you can read more about my Moldova trips on my other blog.) I was pleased when they invited me … Continue reading

Big, slippery words: “sustainable and authentic”

Historic Williams House

The historic Williams House "vernacular architecture"

My first introduction to travel writer Herb Hiller was a book that Professor Gary Mormino suggested, Highway A1A: Florida at the Edge. The second time, I met him and filmmaker Caroline McKeon in the Snell House (home to USFSP’s Honors Program and Florida Studies programs). Hiller and McKeon were planning a conference, Sustainable and Authentic Florida, which is scheduled for October … Continue reading

MAPS (in all caps) Part II

Image of an alligator

Photo by former USFSP student Brian Welch

I’m not saying that running from alligators is easy… A few days ago, the first map for my bicycle trip across the country arrived in the mail. The Adventure Cycling “Florida Connector” route runs from Fort Lauderdale to St. Augustine. Each map provides a “here’s what to expect” summary of the route. My favorite line from the Florida Connector Map … Continue reading