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I'm a student in the Honors program. I'm also one of the younger bloggers, an opinionated and sarcastic sophomore who is more interested in food (at times) than my studies for pre-majoring in Graphic Design. A mocha frappuccino and hair dying addict, it's a rare occurrence to see me with a solid natural color.

It’s Strange That Where You Live Could Be Exotic

Urban Art by NONSTOP

Work from the Morean Arts Center's latest installment "Urban Art: Leave A Message"

Saturday was a very important milestone in my young adult life. I drove over five hours to and from an airport in the middle of nowhere to pick up my friends from England. (Because if you have to pay $3+ in tolls, you have definitely gone too far from home, okay?) Ask me why.  (The truth is that I have no idea) … Continue reading

So, why USFSP?

A question at family gatherings always seems to be “Wait, you’re in college?” They are terribly surprised to learn that, yes, I have actually hit puberty and graduated from the prison known as ‘high school’. Their next thrilling inquiry is “Oh, so do you like it?” As a matter of fact, I do. USFSP was the university I chose to … Continue reading

Hello and Welcome to a Computer Class for Graphic Design

First Project

First project, prior to re-redoing HDR and color enhance

This is a summer class, Summer A, to be clear. And it happens to be a class I need to take as part of Graphic Design pre-reqs.  Sadly, it’s going a bit slow. Although, obviously, this is part of the learning curve, as you can’t expect everyone to immediately comprehend everything you throw at them. I’m learning a few things, … Continue reading