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I'm a student in the Honors program. I'm also one of the younger bloggers, an opinionated and sarcastic sophomore who is more interested in food (at times) than my studies for pre-majoring in Graphic Design. A mocha frappuccino and hair dying addict, it's a rare occurrence to see me with a solid natural color.

Portfolio Anxiety?

Pitcher, salt shaker and glass bottle drawing

Ink drawing and edit

As the Spring Semester is in full swing, so it is time to apply for the Graphic Design program. Portfolios are due February 1st, and I worry that my work will not be sufficient to make it in. This will likely be a fantastic opportunity whether I am accepted or not; however, I would certainly prefer to be in than … Continue reading

Finals Week Is NOW

Stencils of letters N E V R taped to paper

A snippet of my Final Project for Drawing

It usually seems that by the end of the semester most everyone is feeling burnt out and ready to go home for a while.  Or at least just tired of current classes.  Some people (myself included) prefer to cram everything they can into their noggins just before their exams, while others (perhaps smarter individuals) study gradually – building up their … Continue reading

Free Yogurt at USC to support Yoplait and the fight against Breast Cancer

Students around yogurt table

Don't they all look like they're having a blast?

As you may or may not know, every year Yoplait yogurt does a “pink lid” campaign to promote and support breast cancer research.  The only catch is that you can’t simply buy the yogurt – you have to send the cleaned lids back in. So I typically just eat the yogurt, sigh heavily, and toss the lid in the trash. … Continue reading

The Best Book Launch Party on Planet Earth (Includes photo album)

This is Hunter, he is a huge inspiration to children around the world.

This is Hunter, he is a huge inspiration to children around the world.

September 1st, 2012: I went to a book party with free bananas and lemonade (!!) September 6th, 2012: Now I am writing about the aforementioned book party & showing you an album. Hunter Payne, a former USFSP student of the Graphic Design Program, is probably rolling around on the floor or drawing with China Markers right now.  Or he could be … Continue reading