USF St. Petersburg mourns the death of Eddy Vasquez, ’10

Regional Chancellor Sophia Wisniewska issued this statement today on the death of Eddy Vasquez:

The entire USF St. Petersburg community mourns the sudden and violent death of 2010 graduate Eddy Vasquez. We extend our deepest condolences to his family.

I am sorry I never met Eddy. From all accounts, he was a bright and fun-loving student with a welcoming spirit, someone who was loved by all who knew him. USF St. Petersburg is proud to have set him on a solid career path with a degree in finance. He loved this university and often led campus tours for prospective students, introducing them to the campus community where he had found so many friends and supporters.

Our hearts go out to Eddy’s family.

Sophia Wisniewska, Ph.D.
Regional Chancellor
USF St. Petersburg