Cover of Forum magazine

Poynter Library partners with Florida Humanities Council to archive Forum magazine

Thanks to a partnership with USF St. Petersburg’s Nelson Poynter Memorial Library, every issue of the quarterly magazine of the Florida Humanities Council, Forum, is now available to researchers around the world.

Sixty-two issues have been placed into the library’s digital archive, back to the very first one, in 1989.

Sixty-two issues have been archived, going back to the very first one, in 1989. Forum offers historical and cultural perspectives of Florida people, events and ideas that shaped the past, affect the present and influence the future.

Forum writers have included Stetson Kennedy, Harry Crews, Tim Dorsey, Al Burt and USFSP Emeritus History Professor Gary Mormino.

Hundreds of people from around the world already have accessed the Forum archive’s searchable database since it went live two weeks ago.

“We’re delighted to join in a partnership with the Florida Humanities Council to make this rich resource available to the public,” said Carol Hixson, Dean of the Nelson Poynter Memorial Library. “We will continue updating the Forum archives so that our students, all Floridians and Internet users around the world will be able to access this unique archive of information about Florida.’’

Hixson, who established similar archives at the University of Oregon and the University of Regina, launched the USFSP archive in March 2011. It has more than 7,200 items and is growing.

“The digitized archive of the Forum provides a vast and easily searched repository of Florida stories and Florida scholarship written by our state’s best writers and scholars over the past 20 years,’’ said Janine Farver, executive director of the Florida Humanities Council. “We are indebted to Carol Hixson and the staff of the Nelson Poynter Library for providing the technical skill and leadership it took to create this valuable archive.”

The library and the Humanities Council hope to broaden their partnership. Hixson and the library’s Digital Collections Team are exploring the possibility of adding audio files of the Humanities Council’s radio programs to a digital platform.