Student with a preserved Puffer Fish!

Fish and Salsa!

Fish and salsa?! No not the food, preserved fish and salsa dancing! Our students at the College of Education summer camp is coming to a close but it’s with a bang!

The students got to go into Teresa Greeley’s Marine biology lab and got to learn about different fish.

Something Fishy

Our groups at the Marine Biology Lab!

Our groups at the Marine Biology Lab!

The surprise for all of us was apparent when we walked through the door to the smell of rubbing alcohol and something fishy.

The students got to touch preserved fish of all kind. Lovely Ms. Greeley got the kids all gloved up and they got to learn a lot about a fish just by looking at it!

Now one thing I can tell you about our summer camp, our kids either love our hate our salsa lessons. Personally I love dancing and salsa with USFSP’s very own, Eloy Martinez, as our instructor I figured our kids would love it.

Finding your inner salsa

Our students in action learning some salsa steps!

Our students in action learning some salsa steps!

Well guess again, our group HATED salsa with more passion than I thought. It wasn’t until week five of summer camp that the kids finally started to take interest in learning salsa.

I was starting to get a little worried about their lack of enthusiasm but check out pictures below of our new salsa kings and queen!

Who knew a rare opportunity with FREE salsa lessons from a great teacher would be opposed by our children!

I’m happy because finally with the last two weeks of camp that our students finally found their inner salsa dancers.

Our Salsa Class!

Our Salsa Class!

Until next time,

Ms. L