Student looking through a scope and identifying different birds.

We Won’t Let it Rain on our Parade!

When a tropical storm closes in on our summer camp’s Fort De Soto beach day we refuse to let the possible rain chance stop us!

The night before our trip, I kept the news channels on to pray for the storm to veer away from our beach. The other counselors and I went to great lengths to create “rainy day activities” just in case but I was NOT going to bring my spirits down.

As I woke up that morning my hopes were still up even with a fifty percent rain chance!

I eagerly got my fellow counselor/blogger Allison and after hitting Starbucks to prepare for a long day, we drove with tension filling the car to Fairmount Park Elementary School.

Our students under a park shelter

Our students under a park shelter

We followed the bus full of happy children to Fort De Soto, our imminent doom waiting to set in.

You could read it on all of the counselors’ faces, we were preparing for the worse. The lovely tropical storm was headed straight for us and with our team at the waterfront, we waited for the call that the storm was coming.

It was hard to enjoy myself knowing the sad faces I would see when it started to pour, but I put on a smile and watched our children eat breakfast with all smiles.  They were so full of excitement and joy that I dreaded what came next.

The roaring boom shook the pavilion we were sitting under.

Our students doing science in the park

Our students doing science in the park

After about twenty minutes of rain with the grace of divine intervention blue skies were in sight!

With the dark rain clouds that had filled my head up with gloom gone, I was so happy to have the rest of the day full of fun!

The kids got to see the bird reserve at the park and get a chance to see all the marine life! We took core samples, and of course, swam for most of the day.

Despite being red with sunburn, it was a great day!

Until next time,

Ms. L